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Hi guys,

I work in SEO in a company based in Liverpool.  I work alongside a bunch of designers and developers and I am constantly amazed how little thought goes into optimization during a coding or design process.  It's quite annoying to be honest and so I wanted to just start my own DevHub site to offer you guys some basics.  We should be working with each other and not against each other so I hope you can take something away from the stuff I'll be talking about in here over the coming weeks/months.

An overview of how SEO and developers SHOULD work together

Search Engine Optimisation (in the USA it's optimization) is the process which makes all those designs and code more search engine friendly.  Customers want great websites but it's like the film "field of dreams" - you remember the saying right?

"Build it and they will come"

Absolute b*llsh*t.  Without the help of those guys in the back office working on your designs or code you may as well have spent those weeks at home doing nothing but coming up with your own designs or website for yourself.  Business is business and without good SEO a website is not a part of a business.

How to use SEO when coding or developing a website

I'm not going to cover this here, I'm going to spread this out over the coming weeks and see if this post generates any interest first.  There are plenty of guides out on the Internet (which designers don't seem to read).  Instead, I think the first important message is remind everybody that the end result is NOT just a great website - it's to generate our clients a profit through a collaboration or team effort.

The vast majority of customers a business could earn come from searches carried out upon the Internet.

It is my job as an SEO to understand these clients and provide content that converts them into sales.  I do this by fiddling with the work that you guys have already done.  90% of the time I get this stuff and have to go back to the drawing board with it and therefore create you guys more work - it would better if we pulled together and got it right at the start I reckon.

So just a bit about the business end of SEO (just to try and give you all an overview).  Most companies tend not to charge for a monthly contract, but charge per keyword.  In real terms keywords are usually 1 or 2 per page.  This means that when you are designing or coding sites please bear this in mind.

That bit only refers to on page optimisation, they next bit which is off site link building and promotion is nothing to do with you guys so relax.

Here's what I tell clients about SEO:

Any business should be online in 2014. You can not simply create a site then hope that you get lots of customers.  The process of getting to the very top position in search results is time consuming and difficult.  A great looking site is only the start.

You may have previously attempted to carry out SEO your self, many individuals do, though the procedure can become confusing as you go further in depth.  Content creation as well as technical takes years to master.  Let the experts handle your website. The return for your investment definitely will be worth the money.

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